Ghostwriting Fees

I usually work as an autobiography ghostwriter, memoir ghostwriter or personal historian on a project fee basis. I will provide you with an estimate after our consultation that will help me determine the scope of your memoir or autobiography project and the work needed to put it together from start to finish. I will help you create a book of any length or scope. Once we agree on a project fee, I begin work with a deposit, with follow-up payments at checkpoints along the way.

I now offer a 20% discount on all my services to military veterans and their families. Contact me for details.

Book Coaching Fees

If I work with you as your Autobiography or Memoir Book Coach, we will proceed on an hourly fee basis. My goal is to help you try to find a way to get the assistance you need to write your life story at a reasonable price.


I travel all over the country and outside the U.S. to assist clients with their autobiographies or memoirs. You may feel comfortable being interviewed in your own home or a convenient location nearby. I also am available, as needed, to accompany you on a visit to the place where you grew up or another location important to your story. My travel expenses are in addition to the project fee.

Contact me to set up a free, 45-minute initial consultation at any time. Tell me your dreams and goals in telling your life story, and we’ll see what we can co-create together. Remember, Your Life Is a Book!

What Clients Say

“After I crashed in the Hudson River on US Airways Flight 1549, Kevin and I began working together on a reflective account of the experiences encompassing 25 of the passengers and first responders. Brace for Impact is the result. Kevin kept all the participants focused and united us as friends. I cannot think of a more qualified, trustworthy, and finally, kind author to work with.” — Mark Hood, Charlotte, NC, profiled in BRACE FOR IMPACT

“At the time we contacted Kevin, my Mom had just died, and after 62 years of marriage my Dad was lost. Writing his memoirs (with the dedication to my Mom) with Kevin’s help not only gave him a purpose, a goal to achieve, it also allowed him to look back and see that his life had been meaningful and rich. I cannot say enough about Kevin’s sensitive, encouraging interviews with my Dad, and we are thrilled with the book” – Mark Meyer

“Kevin helped my dad and I realize a dream! We have enjoyed the experience so much.” — Suzie Kerns, daughter of Wolfram Forster, author of FAREWELL BERLIN: MY WORLD WAR II STORY OF SURVIVING HITLER’S GERMANY AND EMBRACING LIFE IN AMERICA

“When I first decided on hiring a ghostwriter, it made sense to interview a bunch of them and finalize my choice based on the conversation and ‘feel’ I got when speaking with them. Instantly, I knew that I wanted to have Kevin help me write my story. We just clicked. He helped turn my story into something I am proud of, and in turn it has helped jump-start my motivational speaking career. Thank you, Kevin, sincerely, for what you’ve done. I couldn’t have done it without you.” – Logan Seelye, author of 10 AND 90: THE TACKLE THAT CHANGED EVERYTHING

“Following a childhood of every type of deprivation imaginable and over 46 years of active duty military service, I knew there was a story to tell. I solicited Kevin’s assistance with writing, mentorship and support. He is simply remarkable!” — Major General Alfred Flowers, author of REFLECTIONS OF A SERVANT LEADER: MY JOURNEY AS THE LONGEST SERVING AIRMAN IN U.S. AIR FORCE HISTORY

“Kevin helped me bring a lifelong dream to reality. His genuine enthusiasm for my project and his ability to role-play enabled him to transform my story into a piece of writing that has been very well received. I also gained tips on how to bring my book to market and generate initial sales. I highly recommend Kevin Quirk for your project.” — Author of a memoir chronicling a behind-the-scenes adventure of a popular, major-network TV show

“When Kevin Quirk taught my autobiographical writing class, his teaching style reached into my soul. Since that first evening our relationship has evolved from instructor to: guide, coach, motivator, protector, persuader, and finally – believer. I never intended to share reflections on my grief journey. His gentle motivation, persuasion, and superb skills enabled soul messages to flow through my hand onto paper. No Kevin, no book!” — John Thomas, Charlottesville, VA, author of MY SAINTS, ALIVE

“Kevin helped me with my writing when I was a complete neophyte. His patience and insight were key in providing direction to my project and helping me remain motivated about my work. Kevin is both an excellent editor and a great teacher. I highly recommend his services.” — Thomas Sullivan, Seattle, WA, author of LIFE IN THE SLOW LANE

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