Has anyone ever told you that you should write a book about your life? Now’s the time to answer that universal call, and I’m here to help you!

As a memoir and autobiography ghostwriter at Your Life Is a Book, I help women and men of all ages and backgrounds to write their life story. This is my mission and passion, what I love to do! I believe that writing your life story should be enjoyable, enriching and accessible to all.

No matter how dramatic or how “ordinary” you think your life has been, someone is waiting to hear all about who you are, how you’ve lived, what you’ve learned, who you’ve loved and who has loved you. They’d like to know your proudest achievements, your hopes and dreams, the challenges you have faced. They know that your life really is a book, and they’re eager to read it.

When you entrust me with writing your memoir or autobiography, you will capture your memories as a gift for your loved ones or fulfill a goal to inform, entertain, or inspire hundreds of people who will be touched by your story. You may choose to chronicle your entire life or focus on one major experience, such as rising above a crisis, a major loss, or a traumatic childhood. Maybe you built a successful business, served in a war, or had a great adventure. If your goal is to write the life story of a loved one, I would welcome making that dream a reality.

Your Life Is a Book and It's Time to Write It by Kevin Quirk

As the writer of your memoir or autobiography, I will interview you to bring out your story and then write it in your voice. Unlike many ghostwriting agencies where you are assigned some ghostwriter you don’t even know, at Your Life Is a Book you can be assured that I am the professional writer working with you from day one.

I’ve devoted more than 20 years to ghostwriting memoirs, autobiographies, and inspirational books. I welcome the opportunity to create a book that you will cherish.

If you want to write your story yourself, I can assist you as Autobiography Book Coach. You can also learn valuable tools and strategies in my guidebook YOUR LIFE IS A BOOK – AND IT’S TIME TO WRITE IT!

Telling our life story is one of the greatest gifts that we can offer to the world. I love seeing women and men from all over the country experience the satisfaction that comes from bringing their most meaningful memories to life. I want to help YOU gain that same satisfaction and joy!

Welcome to Your Life Is a Book.